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Natural Estrogen

Natural Estrogen with Pomegranate Extract

Natural Estrogen with Pomegranate Extract is one answer to the concerns of maintaining healthy hormone function. A review of the published literature reveals some interesting findings about how plant-derived estrogens can provide safe and effective support for such menopausal complaints as hot flashes.

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Ultra Natural Prostate

Ultra Natural Prostate with 5-Loxin and Standardized Lignans

Ultra Natural Prostate Formula contains the most scientifically substantiated nutrients to help protect the prostate gland and maintain its healthy function.


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Oxidative Therapies

Including h202, Ozone therapy. Oxygenation is the process of enriching the oxigen content of the blood or tissues. Has been shown to be effective in treating a variety of conditions, including cancer, infections, circulatory problems, chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis, allergies, and so much more.

Vitamin "C" infusions

Enhance the inmune system. Has shown to destroy certain cancer cells.

Detoxification Therapies

Eliminate potential disease causing substances. Colonics, Fasting programs, enhance the immune system.

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